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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


It was beautiful... i mean.... like.... wow GOOD JOB!! Loved it! :D

simply awesome!

2 years after episode 2 and we get this. awesome story, awesome animation, fun ass fight, and even a few bonuses I didnt expect. Thank you R1, CE, and all the voice actors who worked on this project. the wait was well worth it.

Worth watching after a long wait.

Two long years, it was well worth watching for 30 minutes. The voice actors are great. I don't see any major flaw in this.


The new art style took a minute to get used too. But i like the new extreme look you gave the cast. ANd rina-chan is still the best damn female voice actor that i have heard. the fight was epic and i loved the Equillimbrim tribute you had stryker use. plus a perfect faitality! The story lost me for a momment but you managed to asnwer all of my questiones before the end...except 1: We can haz mores?


Bison got owned by Styker......... Classic