Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

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Fantastic. I would like to congratulate you on completing this piece, I know I lot of time, stress, and effort all went into this video. CE-Rap did marvelous, it's insane how much he did for this (in such short time too). R1, You did a great job utilizing all the art, the voice acting, and everything else to put together this sprite epic.

The only complaint I have is... You hyped up the fight too much for me. I was expecting the fight to be revolutionary and beyond epic. To me it was an awesome, lengthy, and a well thought out fight. Definitely above average, it was awesome. I was just expecting something as life-changing as MK vs SF3.

Ergo, awesome job. If it means anything, I'm proud that you and CE-Rap were able to finish this up. Good luck on the future episode.


I love the way the story play out, mainly because of how much the characters presonality played out in it. I'll watch this thousand times just to see the story and the art again.
Speaking of the art, CE kill'n it with his skills.( I mean that in a good way ) It help the story more than I thought possible and I thought highly of addition of illustrations to the
The only semi negative is the fight. Having watched R1665's other videos, this fight seems... dated, but I'm sure that's because the fight was done a long time ago, before the delays and the MK Fatalities movie.
All in all, this movie is the Best thing on newgrounds- and the next one will be even better.

R1665 responds:

The fight is admittedly a bit dated. It was completed well over a year ago. That's what happens with delays, I'm afraid...


Wonderful art and story!

And I just came in on the middle of it.


Bravo! This is AWESOME! The fight between Styker and Bison are one of the best and most incredible sprite fights I have ever seen! You did an amazing job sir, so you kudos to you! However, it's been nearly five years since this was made. Why haven't Part 3.5 and Part 4 came out during that timeframe? I don't want to see this series get discontinued.