Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


I'm digging the gratuitous and obnoxious little logos you have going for the first two minutes of this piece of shit, it totally isn't loud as fuck or arrogant.

Actually, now that I look at the author's comments more I can totally see you are both arrogant as all fuck, "the genesis of what we believe will be one of the best Flash series on Newgrounds, period." Man, get a fucking room where you can wank all over your flash's big ugly mug without making us innocents watch.

On to the "flash" itself, the glacial pacing is hugely unnecessary, the story wasn't even interesting nor did it have any depth, the time just seems like padding to waste your audience's time and patience while you parade around mediocre voice actors over what look to be comic panels. I thought this was the flash portal? It also starred mediocre video games characters to balance out with the mediocre actors, a genius move, although I think they were added more so because the author couldn't think of any new or original characters, which also brilliantly matches with the unoriginal, lackluster plot.

So, in review;
+Somewhat mediocre style
-Terrible voice actors
-Terrible plot
-No originality
-Not a flash
-Too long
-Alarmingly loud and obnoxious author/ artist inserts
-Author arrogance

Which would equal to a whopping 1/10. Woo! Good job guys, next time you return please bring the real series you expect to blow NG away, because this was a joke, haha, right? Right?

R1665 responds:

Sorry you didn't like it.


Boring and a waste of time

With this movie, I played a drinking game of how many cliche lines were said : I took 124 shots. If you're going to make a series, I assume, is based on the Marvel Exiles series, the least you could do is write a good script and an actual story.

I will give this one star because it has good sprite animation.

Also, the intro is quite long. Please include a skip button in future episodes.

Thank you.

R1665 responds:

Your grammar and spelling is amazingly good for man who has taken 124 shots. Kudos to you.


Sounded like i was watching a 4kids dub

I couldn't even get through the entire movie because it sounded so forced