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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Funny to see this on the flash portal.

I'm sure it will have a more permanent fixture soon, and Ce-Rap's not on the art portal yet, so hit you for a recommendation.

Very cool, always nice to see time intensive work that people have put a lot of themselves into, got to go check out the earlier episodes now.

Can't wait for future installments


flawless victory


sick love the direction ur choseing to take VG fuck the haters tell'em to eat a dick

*only gripe i had was i knew from the jump striker was goin to win because of ur love for him*

*also i didnt realize the MK subway goes to ur house lol nice Easter egg*


So much to speak of...I'll just sum it up as, perfect.

Bravo! This is AWESOME! The fight between Styker and Bison are one of the best and most incredible sprite fights I have ever seen! You did an amazing job sir, so you kudos to you! However, it's been nearly five years since this was made. Why haven't Part 3.5 and Part 4 came out during that timeframe? I don't want to see this series get discontinued.