Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


Every. Freaking. Bit. Worth. It.

Seems to be...

Inspired by the one.

I never would have dreamed your work would get up to this point.
Now you have completely changed the way people look at sprite movies.
Even though there was only one fight and mostly talking i honestly..
Enjoyed every last bit of it, in-fact i can't wait for more.

I am honestly equally as interested in the story as i am the fight scenes.
That and the art is just ridiculously good for a sprite movie.


............perfect. Worth the wait...

This was my flash movie I've watched in ages since joining. I'm very glad it was this one. Damn fine job by everyone.

This is just freaking awesome, Kurtis Stryker kicking Bison's smug overlord ass with a multitude of firearms, the Soul Cube and BFG 9000, and x-ray fatality while scar symmetry plays in the background! I especially like TomaMoto as Stryker, he really fits the character to me. All in all, a flash animation of major badassery right here.