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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Shower Scene FTW!

Woah, finally another one. Now that the story is getting deep, I'm being held in suspense as to what happens next! It looks like we're running out of enemies, but who knows you might have surprises waiting for us. Love the artwork in the sequential scenes and the fights are awesome as always.

I hope to see some Striders kick some ass in next episode!

That was fantastic.

It was very story driven, which i like people these days just make things in thier head with absoloutely no narrative. I can obiously teel that wolf guy (whoms name i've forgotten) dislikes Johnny Cage. It was perfect, besides the little cliche where in the fight Kurts hair is black but in the animated cutscene his hair is blond.


i don't know if your taking requests, but i would like it if there was a version of Baraka as a member of the Exiles


I like the way this is going.
Could you fit in an episode that reveal's the ambush that killed the last team of exile's?
If not consider this.
And Exile luke skywalker vs. an dark demonic tenchi and his harem if at all possable.
Or another girl fight that end's in a fatality.


Bison got owned by Styker......... Classic