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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


great movie lots of action just awesome I would like to see rugal make an appearance in one of these

huge breasts~!!!

hahahahahahahaha I love it~! >:D Angel or Heart or whatever her name is...I like that a lot. Hehehehehehehe... >:D she outta have her breasts squeezed the living pudding out of! >:)


Sweet battle, art has improved. Still an interesting story that I want to see more of, I even read the extras because they are written so well.

good sprites

this scenario is actually different from the rest..the scenes seem more obscure kinda dim like feature to it..above all that this is worth watching

This was amazing

I really made a newgrounds account so i can tell you how much i love the series. Cant wait for the next installment . p.s I LOVE YOU ALL