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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

....... you HAVE to make more!!! i don't care how long the wait is but i need more of that fighting! :D

Nothing less than 5 stars. The Artwork was improved... A bit of background and reasoning was explained for the newer team members... The fight sequence did not disappoint, like always. And of course, the storyline... Dialogue... Plot... It all came together nicely. Voice actors were chosen for their respective characters in a perfect manner (Save for Johnny Cage, in my opinion). All-in-all, there were little to no complaints about how this particular movie, and the series so far, has turned out... The only complaint I personally have, is that each episode is taking longer and longer to come out. I'll be an old man, even past the mid-life crisis ordeal, before this series finishes. Lol. Just hope more chapters come out soon. This is a great series to watch.


5 stars, the fighting sequences are nice!

These just get better and better. Most flash animations with a story I only watch for the fighting, but your flash has me completely enthralled. When I tell people about this series I find myself sharing the details of the story, too. This is amazing in every way.