Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


the entire movie was brilliant deserves to be on the silver screen voice acting awesome stryker and bison as far as im concerned bison had that shit coming love the story love the movie when the next one i wonder what will happen next

R1665 responds:

Stay tuned!


not as good as i expected

the voice acting was really stiff for charlie,the artwork was nice, but i wasnt expecting that comic book style, considering how big the file is.the fight had its momenys but the tazer severely killed the flow of the fight. its like its going smooth and then,pause,shock,fight again.i didnt expect it to be jill.although i like jill the moment i saw the tit belt i coudnt take her serious anymore as a actual character. after that all she became was eye candy.
7/10 3/5.
p.s. is that the same voice actor for talbain? he sounds diffrent.

R1665 responds:

I like to use short breaks like the tazer attacks to allow the viewer a moment's rest before hitting them again. There is such a thing as showing too much too quickly.

Also, that is indeed Darkwolf as Jon Talbain. He did voice the same character in VGE2.



i have to say, this was pretty good.
loved the fight scene the most,(as always.)
but the drawings were very nice. i honestly thought
the scenes would be animated,(they would move.)
but i didn't seem to care.

the thing that really caught my attention was the voice acting.
truthfully, it was just, ok. i didn't really feel much emotion coming
out of the voice,(especially Nash) like they're supposed to be dull and

Great movie, and i'd LOVE to see more coming.

I like how its going

It has been a long wait. Now that its finally here i can see why you picked striker. of all the MK char, his movements seemed flawless. You got a lot out of that character. Quick question. How long do you plan to make the Exiles series. Soul cube what.

R1665 responds:

The VG Exiles series is going to run until completion. It will have a definite end.


Thats what I call M Bison

This is what I was expecting. The sprite animation was good, I remember Stryker's stiff, robust movements from the game and his animation looked great. You also made M. Bison worthy of a boss character again, good job. CE Rap did a great job on the artwork, as well. All that was missing was full animation. I enjoyed the story as well, but I thought some of the dialogue was a bit drawn out. The voice actors did good bringing the art to life. I'm giving you a 10 for the entertainment value. There's no need for comparison - you're on a whole different level, starting from ep. 0. Keep it up.

R1665 responds:

Yeah, I felt that both Stryker and Bison deserved some of the attention and love that they had been previously denied. Your critiques are appreciated and I'm glad you enjoyed the show!