Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"


It was beautiful... i mean.... like.... wow GOOD JOB!! Loved it! :D

Well Worth It!

When I heard that Striker was going to feature opposite M. Bison in this I was sold. Striker's been my favorite from the moment he was introduced and you certainly did him justice, especially with the expanded arsenal you gave him. Looking forward to the continuation of the series and where you'll take the story you've built up for it.

R1665 responds:

"Striker's been my favorite from the moment he was introduced and you certainly did him justice"

Comments like this make it all worthwhile, my friend. Always good to meet another Stryker fan!



Your keep getting better and better. I love the new artwork and animations. The music was great and voice acting also sounded almost professional. That fight between Stryker and Bison blew me away. I never liked Stryker too much but you made him so cool, lol. Loved the fatality. Its really good that you take the time to make the best work you can. The story is a lot to take in at times but still interesting. I didn't expect that shower scene at the end. Sounds like someone has been watching street fighter II the movie. Anyways, great improvement on all angles and I hope it won't be too long for the next one.

R1665 responds:

Good eye!

SFII: the Movie was indeed one of the artistic inspirations.



Best animation you've done by far!!!! Love how you go way beyond with the drawings to tell the story. Awsome x-ray move from Mortal Kombat too!!!! keep up the good work!!!



Xionic 4 and VGE 3 out in the same week, with Krinkels short due on 22... its gonna be a good week


Fuckin awesome, expected no less

only one flaw.... we now have to wait for the sequel

Hope to see more of the multiverse next time!

PS: Jill valentine, lolwut?

R1665 responds:

"PS: Jill valentine, lolwut?"

It's a big Multiverse, man! ANYONE can show up!