Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

This deserves to be made into a movie!

All of your hard work paid off! This is officially one of the most epic flashes I've ever seen. The fight was original and amazing, the plot was so deep and fit very well, and the voice acting was amazing. The only thing that bothers me is that it would be even better if it could be actual flash animation during the story parts. This is however almost made up for by the great art in this flash.

I look forward to the next installment.

R1665 responds:

Actual full-scale animation of this caliber would indeed be nice but, unfortunately, both flash and those that make them are burdened with limitations.



I'm digging the gratuitous and obnoxious little logos you have going for the first two minutes of this piece of shit, it totally isn't loud as fuck or arrogant.

Actually, now that I look at the author's comments more I can totally see you are both arrogant as all fuck, "the genesis of what we believe will be one of the best Flash series on Newgrounds, period." Man, get a fucking room where you can wank all over your flash's big ugly mug without making us innocents watch.

On to the "flash" itself, the glacial pacing is hugely unnecessary, the story wasn't even interesting nor did it have any depth, the time just seems like padding to waste your audience's time and patience while you parade around mediocre voice actors over what look to be comic panels. I thought this was the flash portal? It also starred mediocre video games characters to balance out with the mediocre actors, a genius move, although I think they were added more so because the author couldn't think of any new or original characters, which also brilliantly matches with the unoriginal, lackluster plot.

So, in review;
+Somewhat mediocre style
-Terrible voice actors
-Terrible plot
-No originality
-Not a flash
-Too long
-Alarmingly loud and obnoxious author/ artist inserts
-Author arrogance

Which would equal to a whopping 1/10. Woo! Good job guys, next time you return please bring the real series you expect to blow NG away, because this was a joke, haha, right? Right?

R1665 responds:

Sorry you didn't like it.


First of all...

The animation at both the start and end, DAMN GOOD!! You guys busted your butts to make this! Story? ROCKS, Voice acting?HELL YEAH! I really like where this is going and so hope there will be more in the future.

Now as for the guys crying about how long it is, PLEASE! Almost anything this good, almost always is like a good min or two long and ends so fast you are crying for more and wait a year or a lot longer. While is has been a long wait for this I'd say the whole crew gave us more bang for our bucks...oh wait is is Free!

Damn good job to the Author, Artist and all the Voice Actors!

A welcoming Change of Pace.

I honestly dont see why people are complaining about the length or even that matter for that Story line animation. Yeah its alittle comic style but its pretty well done and the bit of animation set into it make it well worth it all. Even though the Fight was alittle shorter then I thought it would be I have got to say I am not disappointed at all in the result. You and CE-Rap are by far the best and that is all I have to say.


Good job at the sprites.

The story line was kinda ok and lame, but the re usage of pictures killed this.

Animate more. This is a flash not a comic.

And bison would have won!