Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

This is why i still come to newgrounds..!!!



simply awesome :D!

O.o hot d***

um... what can i say? i'm speechless, the art is beautiful, the animation was awesome, the fight was kickass, the backrounds are nice twists of the original characters while remaining true too their world (i never caught on it was jill until the very end when she wore her cop outfit) the cheesy line at the end was awesome considering it was two arcade fighter characters... half an hour? wow, it's like a real TV episode without commercials! MORE (also, i wanna see john talbain fight some more, he's my fav so far, will he? also, will sucuria ever return or are most of the characters from episode two essentially behind now?)

Pretty Awesome

You guys did an amazing job I was literally waiting for this for awhile and I'm grateful that you live up to your deadlines. Fuck what people on here saying about the pictures and slideshows, these people don't know anything about flash work I guess. I wish and was the hoping while I was watching it that it would be way more fight. I personally like the 2nd ep the most this was good but way too story but I also understand you NEED to build a story! I will wait for the next one hopefully it will be before 2013!

R1665 responds:

Yeah, this two-year delay was a one-time thing. Not gonna happen again.



This is what it's all about, you took this whole movie to the next level.

The fight scene, the art, the voice acting was great. As for the people who are giving 1's and telling you that your in unoriginal are just looking for excuses to be trolling pricks. Also for the people who hating on R1 for simply not liking Sub-Zero and Scropion and having them already dead or killed off is just a bunch of crazed fan boy. I like them too, but i'm not going ape shit crazy simply because of it.

The people who say that the pacing of the movie was too slow are just the types who constantly need action from begining to end. the fact is R1 is trying to convey a story, not have two sprites kick the shit out of each other for a half an hour.

to finish R1, what you did is gonna down as a classic, and i know all the hate won't stop you from making more. you get a 10/10 from me.

R1665 responds:

You are correct, sir. We shall continue.