Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Thank you.

I've enjoyed the series thus far, but I'm not going to lie. I watched it entirely for one reason: I've been a Stryker fan for 16 years now. And I'm always happy to see other fans of him.

That fight scene was awesome. Great work.

well now, there we are

I have to say I enjoyed it. I liked being able to sit back escape with this flash movie. The length didnt feel like 30 minutes to me, I can really get into a story and I have been into this story for a long time. The fight was solid as always, nice to see Bison portrayed as badass again. And the soundtrack to the flash really won me over; the menu music is something I feel that I could pump myself up to

The only thing suggestion I have, and this may be why people are so up in arms about the flash (without them even knowing it) but maybe instead of having 1 art scene, 1 fight scene, and then 3.5 art scenes, you could go 2 and 2. I'm saying this because after the fight happens most people want everything to get wrapped up nicely and be setup for the next episode (like the rushed ending of Revenge of the Sith). But yeah, those are my two cents

As far as a fan's look on this goes... I still wanna see Kung Lao used in a fight, cause he has no one on one sprite fight flashes that I've seen, and you can do him justice. As far as other characters I'd like to see, Sagat in a fight with a different story would be cool, maybe throw in Green Lantern, Captain America, the list can go on and on.

But anyway, keep up the good work


I've been watching your series since the episode 0. It's clear the evolution your going as a story-teller as well as a flash animator. It's unfortunate that one must be ready to read all those extras to get deep into the settting of this reality (which by then it is curious to even call them "extras, but that's off-topic). I am a fan of deep tangled plots and I've worked on several RPG plots, as well as story-telling. I've got to say I can see potential in your story-telling abilities, but still a lack of efficiently profit from that talent. The fights keep getting better. I like how you slowed the pace of the fight just a little bit, comparing to episode 2, where I had to watch the fight a couple of times to figure the moves. This one is a well-thought coreography (the must was the falling sequence: "Open wide!" That was just brilliant). The fight was really good. About being short, well I don't know. If it getts long it'll feel repetitive and will lose it's beauty. I think you measured well how long you could extend the fight with the moves you had available for the characters The artist CE-Rap did a great job, I loved the Panaptichron setting, it was mystic and unique, really got that "nowhere palace" thing to it.

I won't suggest anything, has what you should or not do with the flash, I'd rather slap that sentence from Stryker: ..."Do what you gotta do." I just wonder, when you want to do a finishing signature move of a character (like the gambit throwing cards), you normally black the screen a bit and have some specific special effects. What about having an image of the character doing the move, cutting half of the screen (or a desired space). Why? Because when the character is going for the move the rest of the screen is just frozen... looks empty. It could give also a good challenge to CE-Rap making him do some art of mid-fight images.

As for the stars, I'll give you both a 7 (while my heart gives you a 10). But this is not a normal seven. It's a seven that knows you going to get better, a seven that understands the levels you both can still achieve. It's a seven that hunger for more! Why, it's your lucky number 7.

I wish you both the best. And good luck for your future projects.
Sorry for the long review, I kinda have a thing for writing.

R1665 responds:

Good stuff here. Duly noted.


Wonderful art and story!

And I just came in on the middle of it.

well... only one thing to say.

That was beastly, epicly, awesomely one of the best sprite fights I have ever seen. You have some of the best special effects I've ever seen. I did like the story that is up so far. The only small thing for me was that I thought Jill's monologue was far too long and drawn out. The files on Stryker at the beginning and Johnny's/J.T.'s argument pretty much made the monologue unnecessary. But, I did enjoy the fan-service.

The voices were simply superb. Every voice was spot on and fit the character perfectly. Same with the music. The themes were perfect and fit the mood perfectly.

I would like a button to go back to the menu at will. I have been watching the fight over and over for, like, the last hour. I have to right-click and rewind in order to get to the preloader then wait until the menu comes up.

I know you probably have your own plans, but I do hope you plan to have J.T. and Johnny fight again in the future. I'd also think some team battles would kick ass. Not like vg2 with J.T. and Sakura, but more of two teams beating the hell out of each other. But, whatever. Your flash.

You and your series are already in the beastly tier, and I get the feeling the best is yet to come. Keep up the good work.