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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Ok, its official

you either have beaten both in original Story line, action, and design against MK vs. SF 3 by Proxicide.

This video has and MUSt be one of the TOP Flash Video of ALL-TIME!! In fact, i think you may have gotten ideas by Proxicide's MK vs. SF3 flash which is a great thing. If not then even more props cause u may have taken his place as the best artist to date. :-) keep it up and hope to see the next episode in the near future.


Well done good sir

Did i read correctly that Stryker nicked an Enertron from Chrono Trigger 2300 A.D.?

R1665 responds:

Yes, you did.



First off I have to apologize. Why? Because after watching your series since episode zero and not seeing the third episode for so long, I forgot that it existed! I have to say the the third episode is outstanding. I know it's been said too many times in the other reviews, but that artwork was EXCELLENT! The fighting choreography was very well done. I enjoyed every bit of that fight scene. The voice acting was also done well. I gotta look in the credits to see who played M. Bison again because he did a really good job! Well I hope to see more form you! Congrats on the front page! I'm out.

R1665 responds:

FYI, it was ANTFISH who loaned his voice to M. Bison.



flawless victory


But she will neither be able to run nor fight with that boobage, and he will get his ass pounded to oblivion under the shower with THAT haircut in the army.
Couldn't watch it to the end. And there was hardly any animation, though the drawings were okay.
My opinion ;)

R1665 responds:

I would agree with you on Nash's hair. However, we didn't create him. Blame Capcom.