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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

Hmmmm... Mixed opinions right there.

I'll cut it short.
CE-Rap, you did an amazing job. Your style is really great. Many may not like how you draw the female cast, but I think it fits for the series.

R1665, you also did great, but it lacks from your side. Don't take it too personal, what you did, you did absolutely great. But personally, it needed a bit more sprites. It doesn't even have to be an action scene.
Just saying, it IS your series. =P

I can only guess, but I think the reason why the swf is so massive is because of the art and sound.

I hope, I can get a reply from you.

PS.: Hey, VA cast! Thumbs up! If I only knew, how you guys record your voices so clearly! XD

R1665 responds:

"I can only guess, but I think the reason why the swf is so massive is because of the art and sound."

You are correct, sir.


Boring and a waste of time

With this movie, I played a drinking game of how many cliche lines were said : I took 124 shots. If you're going to make a series, I assume, is based on the Marvel Exiles series, the least you could do is write a good script and an actual story.

I will give this one star because it has good sprite animation.

Also, the intro is quite long. Please include a skip button in future episodes.

Thank you.

R1665 responds:

Your grammar and spelling is amazingly good for man who has taken 124 shots. Kudos to you.



Really great art work And voices was good too i like the story too its wery interesting ^_^
The music and sound efects was good too ^_^
really nice work must have taken a great deal of time
you get my deepest respect For Awesomeness like this and for takling the time and all
i look forward for the next one ^_^

the art was......

the best so far....and jill was a shock...hoping for a part 4.....

Waited Forever

I haven't even watched this yet but imma give it 10 stars and a 5 just because i know its gonna be awesome