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Reviews for "VG Exiles - Episode 3"

loved it

awsome fight & jill nice body


After reading the description, I was expecting something amazing. Far from it; this thing is barely animated at all! Five minutes in - boring, generic storyline, weak direction and thoroughly underwhelming art.
The combat was alright, but still quite lacking. It was like watching people play a fighting game.

There is absolutely nothing "extraordinary" or even innovative about this.


Although this is a great story if stryker didtn have those weapons it would have been game over

R1665 responds:

Of course. Also, if Bison didn't have his powers (especially his shield) it would also have been game over. ...in the first ten seconds.


Long Time Follower.

You are the Monty Oum Of Flash Animation, Like every thing was top Notch even the voice acting which was very surprising!

speaking of Voice acting, I saw Antfish was Bison (great casting by the way) If you're in with him you have to use Dio Brando in one of your vids, it would be to awesome to pass up!

keep up the good work 2 years was worth the wait.


Alright, that was awesome. I was slightly doubful, but that was pretty damn good. The art work upgrade was a worthwhile investment. You two should seek a away of obtaining compensation so that you can make this a more serious part of your lives.

I'm curious, what are your real life jobs?

I wont enumerate all of my praises; this flash was great. Here is a shortened list:
1. The new art work is beyond excellent.
2. Your story line is coming together well, and makes this more than just any old flash. It has serious long term potential. Homage to the idea that a good story doesn't have to be all violence. Character development is awesome.
3. Sprite battles are still well animated, original, and fun.

My only complaints, take them for what they are worth are:
1. M. Bison was owned, he didn't stand a chance. Generally one-sided battles are not quite as entertaining as even ones. The viewer starts to believe in a certain outcome (it gets predictable) and some of the element of surprise is lost. That said, occasional one sided battles are good for variety. For example, Proxcides batttles were always predictable because they were ALWAYS close calls and I always expected a last minute change of events. Actually, in retrospect I withdraw my criticism. Great job.
2. I slightly prefered the old Talbain voice, and the old Cage voice.


R1665 responds:

CE-Rap is a full-time artist and illustrator. I work in a warehouse shipping car parts.

As for the voices, Darkwolf voiced Talbain in both episodes and Cage didn't have a voice before now.