Reviews for "Franky the Cat- Dreams"


People are really stupid. It's called "It was made that way" Ok so people are just too slow to follow randomness. probably some kids in school thinkin it may of been about a cutesy kitteh :3 Love it man :)

I lold,

and then things got serious.................so i voted 5.

Great Job!


I'm glad I followed up on this series!!

Maybe the 'smack' reference will be too much for some, but to each his own. I thought maybe you'd slip in some necrophilia with dead cat chick but thankfully that didn't happen (yet)

Thanks for a great animation!

Friedmouse420 responds:

thank you so much! it's comments like these that make me want to continue animating :)

I'm in the process of making the third one, which I'm putting a lot more effort into, and should be done in a few months or so. Thanks again for watching my stuff!


Weird and random but i liked it.

Im sorry but this made NO SENSE!

I loved the art work and how you draw the characters
but the animation was lacking frames and an actual storyline!
try better next time

Friedmouse420 responds:

I will! thanks for the honesty :)