Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Best zombie game on NG...

...since Day Traders of the Dead and/or Zombies Took My Daughter. This game features addictive game play and a fun leveling system. The replay value is through the roof. It is a perfect example of a "let me give one more try" game.


Many zombies were killed in the playing of this game.
It was so simple yet addictive
I never felt that part of a game were it goes oh its too easy now. i only got to level 13(for now)
great game loved it.


i can say i lonve the simplicity the graphics remind me of a game on the iphone the 4th head made me laugh considering my friends and family play that game on a daily basis and the weapons are amazing 10\10 and 5\5 its an amazing game keep up the good work


this is the best game i have seen on here in a LONG time, great job guys, real fun game!!!


I found this to be a very fun and addicting game. On my 3rd play through I was at 2,840 kills, I was almost completely dead, and I had an attack helicopter out so I was running around trying to find a weapon, but the helicopter was just a little late hitting one of them and I died TT___TT Still a very fun game, though. My only gripe is that there is no way to pause, at least from what I can tell.