Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

missed the mark

great potential.. but there are no upgrades.. no real incentive for leveling other than unlocking more randomly spawned weapons..

this could have been a lot better if you could upgrade damage, health, armor, abilities, etc.


Just because this game is like CodMW2 it gets a great score?Jesus christ.
This game brings no fun.Its all about holding space bar,running to the left and right grabbing every crate you can and thats all.You cant EVEN AIM your gun.Thats how easy and cheap this game is.

The killstreak stuff is lame too.You wait for a big explosion with the airstrike and its actually just a dust of gray cloud.

Not to be offensive but,hell,why is this frontpaged?Too many MW2 fanboys?If it at least had a decent art i wouldnt criticise like this.



having to wait until I die to level up is slightly annoying, and the one dimensional gameplay loses it's appeal pretty quickly.
also I would like more upgrades than just ammo capacity.


well, its fun, sort of, its way repetive, needs a story mode or better missions and yea, if pressing spacebar nonstop is your thing then this is great, but im looking for something more creative, the animation is poor, none of the heads are origional, well, its sorta fun and i like the lvl up concept... 4/10


Not the best, and no clue why it's on the front page.I'm sorry, but there isn't anything special to this game, you just run left and right. the first ten minutes i was practically done with it. You have a good concept, but your not digging into your idea further.