Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Fun game but a bit lacking

Gameplay is decent enough, but there are three large issues which I seem to have come across.

1. Game is largely based on luck. If you get decent weapons, or if the weapons are anywhere near you is a matter of luck. Not to mention that they disappear rather quickly as well.

2. There is no way to avoid the enemies. Your only option is to kill them, which can be difficult if you only have your machete left due to running out of ammo. This becomes more of a problem during later areas of the game, where you're being swarmed by bigger stronger enemies and have lots coming in from both sides.

3. The purple zombies tend to get inside of your hit box. Making it difficult to hit them at all with some guns. In fact, once they start hugging you, you usually will take damage for a good while before you can actually pull far enough away to shoot them.

I don't see why...

..people are rating this so high. Just a simple run and gun with meh graphics.

Has potential

good survival game, but i'd make the screen size a bit wider and add arrows at the top to signify dropped packages, since your usually always looking for them.

Gatling gun doesnt kill point blank. And cant run away from fast zombies so pretty much dead unless u use up ammo.

its preety fun

so laggi,still good game