Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Great game

I wouldve gaven it atleast a 9 but who in there right mind calls a sniper rifle "sniper gun" Ugh that just irriated the hell outta me!!! ITS A SNIPER RIFLE!!! You will not hear anyone refer to a sniper rifle as a sniper gun....GRRRRRRR

sniper gun?

Great game, but seriously... it's a sniper rifle, or rather, sniper rifle has a better ring to it. Content, achievements, weapons and everything else is nice!

Good game, but lost save game!

Good game! However, I accidentally pressed "new game" and removed my entire continue game. 7/10 stars as I've lost my entire save game. Though my fault, I clicked too fast.. But there should have been a confirmation request.

I love me some zombie games but...

There were a couple things i noticed that if they had been changed would have received 10/10. As claysts pointed out the sniper rifle and minigun were useless on zombies that were right up on you. This lead to several deaths that I just had to grit my teeth and take because I literally couldn't kill my attackers. A possible melee alt-fire would have solved this problem or maybe a 'drop weapon' button so you could wipe out your machete and kill closer up enemies. Next, not that this is a bad thing per se, I found an exploit where, while you have the sniper rifle equipped if you fired in one direction and quickly hit the opposite direction it would fire one bullet in both directions. This was very useful in my sniper technique where I would just stand in the middle and spam fire to clear the edges of zombies. A different upgrade system might have been better, again like claysts said. Overall good game enjoyed the minecraft and solid snake skins quite a bit in my experience :)

Very fun game with a few serious problems...

This game is awesome even though it is a bit repetitive. The biggest flaw by far is the massive amount of lag. I don't have a super computer, obviously since Im getting a lot of lag, but my computer is by no means a piece of shit, so there shouldn't be anywhere near as much lag as there is. Also, the purple enemies are too fast or carrying the mini gun makes you too slow because if you have the mini gun and a purple guy gets to you the gun is too long to shoot him and you can't outrun him to get distance and then shoot him. Really ruins the game since I was doing really well when that happened and he took all my life in one go. Also, the lag makes the enemies move at almost the same pace, but cuts your shooting time in half. A few problems that ruin and otherwise nice game.