Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Very entertaining

I played untill i reached lvl 15. I had the zombiecraft head unlocked. Nice game, the unlockables make u want to continue and retry a couple times.

Pretty sweet

Its alright, but as its been said before, it gets REALLY repetitive. Plus, every round lasts so long, you get bored with the same old stuff. The purple zombies are a huge issue as they *just barely* are slower than your character, making it impossible to shoot or get away once they start eating you. The lag is a huge issue as well, especially with the assault rifle. It also would have been nice to have a sort of "money system" so you could pick which upgrades you want instead of automatically giving certain upgrades at certain levels. Otherwise, it was a solid game, the voiceover was pretty cool, and it gives a good sense of the ammo-starving survival tactics of big console zombie games.

Descent game.

I've been playing alot of dead island, but this game is pretty cool. I liked the voice that popped up telling youi what gun you had, I like the huge swarms of zombies coming at you. The yellow zombies are some tough zombies.

Things to change: Make it so you can carry more then one weapon and so you can store ammo, too. I don't know about some people, but running into a swarm of zombies for a weapon is kind of retarded. Health and extra damage almost always dropped right beside me but the weapons would drop in a swarm of zombies.

It was a good game and my combo went over a 150 at one point. The swarms of zombies is insane.

Its good, a sequel with improvements = fp again

Addictive simple gameplay that gets boring after a while (as with many good newgrounds games). You could add more weapons, new levels more story etc, and fix the bugs many users have pointed out. If you keep getting miniguns and rifles you can survive indefinitely, and it gets boring before too long. Don't know what you could do to remedy this, except expand the game somehow.

It's an awesome game but they should let you customize your kilstreaks and let you buy weapons