Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

It is fun and simple.

If you have the sniper rifle though, and the zombies get too close you cannot shoot them. Was a bit of a bummer would have lasted much longer without that hiccup!


yeah theirs a save glitch great game though i use Google chrome if that helps any

great game...

i just wish there were more add ons like different maps and challenges.
overall great game.

Nice game, very addictive, in my opinion, well maybe a bit boring with the time (3 type of zombie and only 1 env ?)

Well, I got 392 kills and I got a 108 combo. Is that good? This game just seemed too easy. Well, maybe everybody gets that number. I love zombie games. It's just great to kill over and over again.

I admit it did get a little repetitive. I kept forgetting that I could run out of ammo. It just seems to be an endless game but I'm not complaining. Dang, you're getting me in the Halloween mood! A pity you were a month early.