Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


Get a dead snake head and play the Duel track from MGS soundtrack while killing zombies. Epic

ha like plants vs zombies

actually zobo is zombos get it.................. fine its great tho

Nicely Done

Really good game. My only issue was that when you used the mini-gun you couldn't outrun the faster ones. But I guess if you could that would make you a little over powered. I didn't have any issues with the guns. Other than spacing. Like how I could still shoot a zombie with a sniper rifle even those their head was past the front of the barrel. And also some more zombie variety would be nice, maybe in the sequel? Over all, great game and I do plan to keep playing it.


i love this game but the only way i die is a blue fast zombie hits me from behind i turn around to shoot but it is too close and bullets go through it and it doesnt get hurt. then i try to run away but since it is so close to me and fast as me it keeps hitting me and i cant stop it. that should be fixed!!!!!! but an amazing game with a few bugs

Great Game I Love It SO Much

Heres Codes For Fun! 1/10 Good Game To Waste Time

Use shift to pause the game and then click on the red skull to enter cheats.
valkyrie - Kill Combo 100 (Once per round)
pantheon - GodHand equipped (Once per round)
rambo - Minigun equipped (Once per round)
adrenaline - Second wind ??
super saiyan - +3000 exp points (Once per game)
i am legend - Kill Count starts at 3000 but no exp for the round.
doom - MFG equipped (Once per round)
ijohnf - John's head (Restart round)
team meat - Meat Boy head (Restart round)
zombified - Walker head (Restart round)
wtf - all seeing eye (Restart round)