Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

What he said.

I'm with Freeman, the only way to kill blue zombies that are too close is to sprint away from them... usually right into a MASSIVE HORDE. Fix that and I'll be happy.

Almost perfect

The Zombocalypse. The zombie horde is closing in and you've got to hold them off as long as you can, until you're finally overwhelmed. If you like zombies, and like shooting stuff, then this game is for you.

This game is fairly solid, earning it a 4/5 from me.
Just to be clear, I consider this game a "mini", instead of a full blown game so I'm going to be reviewing it as such.

The Good:
+Scaling difficulty, easy to start, gets progressively harder
+Large variety of weapons
+Health and Damage Boost power-ups available
+Mild RPG elements "Leveling up" which unlocks even more weapons, and increases their ammo capacity.
+Missile Strikes/Attack Chopper back up for kill combos
+Some enemy variety is good

The Bad
-Enemy HP continues to rise as the round persists, eventually rendering certain weapons useless at around 1,000~1,200 kills (hand gun, sniper rifle, shot gun to name a few) because they fire too slowly, or just can't deal enough damage
-When holding a gun, you totally lose your ability to use melee attacks. This is incredibly frustrating when a zombie gets on top of you and you are unable to damage them because the barrel on the gun is just too long. This forces the player to take massive damage and have to waste an air strike, or ditch their weapon.
-You are unable to brandish the riot shield and a small one handed weapon (like a pistol, or your machette) simultaneously.
-There is no way to increase the damage output of weapons except for the rare damage boost crates which do not drop nearly enough.
-By the time you're at 1,500~2,000 kills the game insists on dropping obsolete weapons instead of things that are actually useful.
-In order to "complete" a wave, you must first die. This makes very little sense.

All in all its a good game. If you wan't to waste an hour or two slaying zombies this is for you. :)

Sniper gun X(

Sniper gun.... meh. That really bugs me. But other than that, an above average game

Cute but just another 2D Zombie Shooter

Hey good game, but it could be great with much more weapon choices and diversity of zombies! I can see that you put some hard work into this though. Keep doing what you do :)

i like it its very addicting but its hard to earn the medals on this game