Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Only Problem...

When you have the mini gun equipped, you are extremely vulnerable to the blue zombies. Since you run slower with the mini gun, you can't outrun them, so they'll just keep attacking you while you're walking. Might wanna make it so you can shoot them while they're RIGHT in your face.

Good game but has a few issues that drag it down.

1. You can't hit blue zombies who are in your face with a sniper rifle or a minigun

2. Sometimes when picking up a crate, if you spend the last bullet in your gun it will switch to the machete after you pick the new gun up.

3. The Shotgun is basically a longer ranged machete.

love this game

this game is so addicting and fun keep the awesome coming but it is pretty simple overall i give 8 just because it's so simple


It was a fun game, but the mini gun has issues. It is a good weapon but makes you so slow that if you pick it up with a zombie close you struggle to get him off of you.


The game was really awesome. I love the choice of weapons and how you can upgrade them by using them often. The different characters and the achievement part makes it even better. Makes you want to unlock all of them!

Really fun and bloody game for those who love zombies!