Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Two complaints i have about this game...

One sometimes for some reason when i go to pick up a weapon i end up with nothing instead that's a huge problem.
Two i think there should be a radar to show you weapons off map sometimes during a huge mob it's hard to decide which way to go and simple things like that decrease someones score.

Other then that absolutely bad ass, most unique zombie game i have seen in awhile. =)

Grat time killer

anyone notice the call of duty modern warfare 2 reference? Predator missile, Harrier and Chopper gunner


This game is realy good but not extremly good and it could have been.this game deserve a sequel and if you make it biger and better whit more maps skill points and wepons it will be "extremly good"

Simple Enough

Simple & Fun but tires out after abit

good, but...

i liked everything except the commando achivements. first however many kills with just machete? how about total machete kills. I mean, machete is a desperation weapon. you always, ALWAYS engage zombies from maximum range, to reduce chance of infection.