Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

9 out of 10

one of the best games i ever played

AWESOME... But could use some improvements.

All aspects of this game are great. There's a decent amount of weapons, good killstreaks, and the graphics are nice. What this game needs is unlockable maps or personal upgrades (Like COD Perks) that can be bought with money. The money could be earned by killing more zombies. Overall a very good game.

I'm also wondering where I could download the main menu theme? It's freaking epic. :D

simple but cool

i would realy like to have this game for the ipod


This game is so awesome, I killed 2011 zombies only with a machete! I cleared 13 achievements in 1 game! Awesome effects and blood at the end! XDD

This game is really fun my first run i got 420 kills