Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


I really wish I read the instructions first since I just found out you can call in support lol
Its only my 50th time playing it.

Man this should an app, really fun

A lot of talk about difficulty but its all about managing your resource and I like that.

Wish their were more backgrounds but I'm not taking any points away for that.
Score 9/10

Solid game!!!

Love That Mini Gun!!!

LOL,minecraft head and castle crusher

You are a genius! It remember me Black Ops :3

I think getting the commando achievement is hard:P

489 Zombies all with machete...
then death

Very enjoyable!

I really enjoyed this game and I agree with a lot of the users who say it sucks that you don't have a jump button. Although I must say, it does make it more challenging and forces you to get good at the game. The weapons are extreemly useful all the way down to the pistol and I really like how the guns can kill zombies offscreen. As for the glitches, I haven't really encountered that many of the glitches that everyone seems to be talking about, which is fortunate for me. But even with these glitches, I can see myself enjoying the game. The music was nothing spectacular, but maybe that's why it helped it blend into the gameplay. I must say, the main menu music reminded me of COD Zombie mode. The art style was also need, it kind of reminded me of "Portal Defenders" here on NG.

Overall, a very enjoyable game, hopefully we get a sequal someday!

really liked this game

as above :D ( sorry the not so specific feed back ) :D