Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Friggin awesome!

Good zombie sidescrollers are genuinely hard to come by and this game tops all my expectations of as to what a good sidescroller should be. Good job! :D


Great game, for killing zombies, i like the Minecraft Head :D
hmm, i donĀ“t have any problems with killing the purple zombie!
you must use your keyboard abilitys ;)

good game 10/10
But i want to see a Story-mode.

This game is very good - I love old school! :)

loved it . this game had me up to 3 in the morning . it a blast

This reminds me of metal-assault! maybe you make this online and by saying online do a separate website devoted for this game .

a little tweak here and there ,and boom you will hit pay check !!

nc game all over.