Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


there is a pause button. its the shift key. and all in all a great game that wasted hours of my time at school. thanks for making it

great game, few bugs

Great work,
Take a look into the drops, they don't always equip when you pick them up.

all the achievements buttt

Such a fun and addicting game !!! I almost got all the achievements except that one achievement that requires you to kill 500 zombies with just your machete. That is absolutely impossible. The furthest I can go is like 420 then i die. But still amazing game =D

Excellent game simple easy controls upgrades and mass zombie death excellent combination

This reminds me of metal-assault! maybe you make this online and by saying online do a separate website devoted for this game .

a little tweak here and there ,and boom you will hit pay check !!

nc game all over.