Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


This game is well created, cleverly assorted weapons, and kill combos. This is the Newgrounds version of a Call of Duty Zombie Map. Well done. 10 stars for the win!

Nice Game Dude

Killed 4,300 Zombies then got unlucky.... Also, the voice sounds like Jimmy Fallon... lol.. Minigun!

Nice Zombie Side-Scroller!

Am I the only one who is reminded of that one game on the Apple App Store? I think it was called ZombieVille USA or something like that... Anyway onto the game.

Well I thought it was pretty good and I liked the cartoony looking graphics. The controls and objective of the game is very simple to grasp. The only thing I didn't like that you could pretty much one shot all the zombies with your default weapon (Except for the big green ones) and when you picked up a minigun, the purple runner zombies could easily get into what I will call your "Dead Zone" where it can munch on your face without it worrying about you escaping or hitting it. For making a simple yet addicting game it's a 10/10 5/5, but maybe a bit TOO simple. On my first try I got to about 900 zombies as well as unlocking a bunch of achievements. Still getting a perfect score from me though :3 Hope to see more!

Hell Up Tight

This is my Favorite game on newgrounds. Ive been playing this for a whole week now and i still love it. I Wish the final head was the Newgrounds head instead of that cyborg but thats my only complaint. If you dont like this game then go play a dress up game, that would probably be more up your alley if your not into this hell up tight zombie shooter

One of my favorite zombie slaying games of all time ^_^ 5 stars!