Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Grat time killer

anyone notice the call of duty modern warfare 2 reference? Predator missile, Harrier and Chopper gunner

Good but needs a little more work

Really cool idea, BUT I noticed when some of the zombie get close and you have say, a sniper you can't kill them until u have your machete back, maybe add a melee button for guns.

Amazing with a Problem

I lpve that game, only Problem, VERY FUCKING ANNYOING PROBLEM: When a Blue Zombie is attacking you, while you have a Mini Gun Equiped, you HAVE NO CHANCE to escape/kill him, except you shoot the Ammo empty and kill him with the Machete -.-" Please fix that!

It reminds me of an old app

it was Zombievile USA. very addictive.

good but bored

Its a really good time killer until you feel annoyed. I'm still working at getting to level 21 but I'm quite bored by now. Some glitches need to be fixed also. When the fast zombie gets you cant really kill it with any of the weapons unless you run away then turn around really fast. Another is right when your about to run out of ammo and you pick a new weapon up it doesn't give you that weapon leaving you with the machete. I think the game could improve on the bobble heads giving you certain perks to last longer in the game, at least be rewarded more for getting the achievements. Another way could be getting more then just the machete as a melee weapon.

other then that it is good. just boring after the first 30 mins because the repetitiveness.