Reviews for "Zombocalypse"


i can say i lonve the simplicity the graphics remind me of a game on the iphone the 4th head made me laugh considering my friends and family play that game on a daily basis and the weapons are amazing 10\10 and 5\5 its an amazing game keep up the good work

solid and really addicting

the gameplay is tight, the graphics are silly and its fun as fuck.

Good but there is a big issue.

I like the game, but there is a big issue with the fast zombies when you got a mini gun or a big gun you can not hit them and get them off of you even when you try to switch they are just eating at you.

Pretty good!

I can honestly say this game is really good! The graphics are okay, the music is awesome, and the weapons are great. This game deserves any medals that come it's way. 10/10!


not bad could be a lil better graphics aint bad but it kind of sucks.