Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Simple Enough

Simple & Fun but tires out after abit


i pretended i owned a zombie then raped it XD

Very enjoyable!

I really enjoyed this game and I agree with a lot of the users who say it sucks that you don't have a jump button. Although I must say, it does make it more challenging and forces you to get good at the game. The weapons are extreemly useful all the way down to the pistol and I really like how the guns can kill zombies offscreen. As for the glitches, I haven't really encountered that many of the glitches that everyone seems to be talking about, which is fortunate for me. But even with these glitches, I can see myself enjoying the game. The music was nothing spectacular, but maybe that's why it helped it blend into the gameplay. I must say, the main menu music reminded me of COD Zombie mode. The art style was also need, it kind of reminded me of "Portal Defenders" here on NG.

Overall, a very enjoyable game, hopefully we get a sequal someday!

Nicely Done

Really good game. My only issue was that when you used the mini-gun you couldn't outrun the faster ones. But I guess if you could that would make you a little over powered. I didn't have any issues with the guns. Other than spacing. Like how I could still shoot a zombie with a sniper rifle even those their head was past the front of the barrel. And also some more zombie variety would be nice, maybe in the sequel? Over all, great game and I do plan to keep playing it.

Fun until...

There is a huge problem with where the bullets start from in this game and where the units attack from. If im stuck holding a sniper and one of those fast ones gets inside the barrel length I can run as much as i want but i cant hit him. Even if i do a quick run back and then quickly turn back and shoot hes on my ass the whole way. This just makes the game seem sloppy. Fix that and you should see higher scores. Otherwise good game unlockable weapons are fun.