Reviews for "Zombocalypse"

Pretty sweet game!!

It's simple gameplay yet addictive as hell. Each time I die I get better equips and upgrades to do better in the next game. This game makes losing worth it :D

Hell Up Tight

This is my Favorite game on newgrounds. Ive been playing this for a whole week now and i still love it. I Wish the final head was the Newgrounds head instead of that cyborg but thats my only complaint. If you dont like this game then go play a dress up game, that would probably be more up your alley if your not into this hell up tight zombie shooter


Lots of fun, very addictive, the achievements actually keep it interesting. Too bad people give you a bad score because they don't know the keys, awesome game. I like that you need tactics with the gatling gun aka you have to clear the area with something shit/ your machete rather than just grabbing it rambo style and winning. Plus it's good when it's a struggle to wade through the masses to get a pistol, that's what the heli crew is for :) if you get too far in the shit.

Some Bugs

It got me hooked to the screen for a couple hours but some bugs were super annoying,

When you have a gun and you keep pressing down, your gun dissapears. When it is epic, you think, YEAH FINALLY A GUN!! And the it dissapears -.-

The other bug is when you have for example, a sniper rifle, if the purple zombie is coming after you, you cannot run. You're too slow.

And when a zombie is standing in front of you, you can only kill it with your machete or run away (handgun only (maybe others)) or else you die.


Has potential

good survival game, but i'd make the screen size a bit wider and add arrows at the top to signify dropped packages, since your usually always looking for them.

Gatling gun doesnt kill point blank. And cant run away from fast zombies so pretty much dead unless u use up ammo.