Reviews for "Shadow's Quest 2"

no cutting slack this time

yup it's time for me to tell you the truth all the truth and not cutting slack this time this animation was OK nothing more then that and nothing less then that it was decent so for the start until then end of the battle the dialog was bad and cheesy quite boring and had no sense after the battle the dialog started to be good
i really like the story as for his originality which is really hard in these days to think on something original
also this is a 100% DBZ sprite movie some people love it some hate it i love it personally but it is DBZ it has DBZ style fighting and DBZ sounds
about the animation the battle was decent for a beginner but still needs some polish and don't use two sprite sheets for one character even if you're missing some sort of sprite it looks weird
the music sometimes felt not related to the scene and you used that matrix sound a lot of times and it became repetitive
so overall i'll tell you this:

some day people WILL talk about you i know it you have amazing potentiality
and great skill you just need to polish you're animation and story and polish everything every day after you pass the level of basics the level of imagination comes that is my level right now when i try to think of nice looking stuff
if you wanna know about the levels here is the list:

Basics: where you are right now

Imagination: where most of the people fail it's a rough place(where i am LOL)

Lazy OFF: where you need to put 100% of you're SKILL in any SECOND of the flash

Fun: it's amazing to get to the level when you can just animate for fun even if it's an hard animation this level is good if you get to it it means making animation in level like DOD or SMBZ will be easy to you and you will have fun making them

so keep on the training and i'll keep on the teaching and thanks for the special thanks again!

marti031 responds:

okay then

Not bad.

well... not bad. but ye movement are too... heavy. mmm... you must improbe a lot. bue i liked :D.

marti031 responds:



i think its slightly better than the first one but i still think its shit.i hate to say it but i hate this flash.now the more i think about it this makes mta 2 look good.


i like the action the story was pretty cool but some parts were kinda slow (might be my computer though) yet this was awsome!

marti031 responds:

i'll make it go faster nexttime

Its better

This is a lot better than the first but this flash seems like its more about mighty than shadow just sayin.

marti031 responds:

you think so?
i'll put more scenes on shadow nexttime and that epsiode was mostly on Mighty