Reviews for "Hood Episode 1"

This game is an amazing piece of work, but I feel as if the items needed to progress were hidden beyond just the spectrum of plain sight, making it harder (and at times, extremely frustrating) to progress through the game.

Game is awesome, except for having to manually close dialogue boxes. And as some previous comments state, there seems to be really no way of knowing where to find needed items. I found nearly all by luck. Of course the sequel greatly improved upon this. (Though I did have one complaint regarding the 2nd part's smiley and slang ridden dialogue, but that's irrelevant here.) Regardless, it appears any flaws were recognized, because the third and the recently released fourth installments are fantastic.

If your playing for the first time, I'll offer a couple hints. First hint: make sure you ask all characters all the questions available to them. It appears after playing through a second time, that certain, if not all, are needed for gameplay to progress. My hardest was finding the dead cricket. Afterwards, the only logic I could assume was that it was placed where it was because crickets are said to "sing" (as in lullabies). If your looking for a way to light the pumpkin, check around the residence where an extra light may be needed as all the light sources within seem to be dim.

Anyway, I've played nearly all the series by Hyptosis and have greatly enjoyed them all. Even my least favorite (Kingdom of Liars I) was mildly entertaining. Though, I must say, Hyptosis' best series by far is Alice is Dead. If you haven't played them, then stop reading comments and go play it already!

I played this game quite some time ago, but with the release of a new chapter I felt I might as well revisit it. It's good. But it's a real pain that items you need to collect aren't necessarily visible. It seems a bit unfair, and when the player resorts to randomly clicking the background, I think it may have gone a bit too far.

Regardless, well worth the time spent playing.

very good

Great game, very nice story line and good puzzles