Reviews for "Hood Episode 1"

This is AWESOME! I am writing a review on the end of episode 3. Just writing this to give a 5/5 and 10/10.

Awesome game! But one question I see you have links on the side to the music but is there a third one? I keep hearing this kinda circus-y sounding music.

I loved Alice is Dead and this reminded me so much of it! Great storyline, great puzzles and awesome music.

All worked fine for me, well done on the basic program! Arrows in the cutscenes were hard to find at times but the general plot is interesting and the art/music gave it a decent atmosphere!

As a short little adventure game to pass the time; so far so good!

[Onto part II!]

WOW! its man good i love it..
tryinq to finesh hood 2 and 3.