Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"


This is how you beat it, you say its specail military, then u say your just kiddin, then u say the tape isnt that much important as u get to know her, then u compiment her on her dress, then ya click on the second answer as in
Then you slow dance with her and thats how you get the tape :P i got it my 1st try losers, so f*cking easy


I-vE FINNALLY FIGURED A SOLUTION!!!WHEN she tells you that it's she's birthday, sing her happy birthday,then dance slowly with her,and she will give you back the tape!


But Easy

very good

Love these type of games and yours rocked....got it on the second try...great great game keep them comming

Just my 2 cents


I was able to beat it on my second try, so it wasnt really that hard. Even so, it was a good game, and rather funny. I couldn't help but chuckle when she pulled the gun on me and said, "Death to all liars!" lol