Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"


who knew dancing would get you what you want lol

I really like these.

I remember the first one, "The suspicious cop." You really rule at these, I was thinking of making my own but I'd only be called a rip off.
The only bad thing I can say about this is the drawings they were a bit edgy and needed tidying up.
Other than that, this was a good game.
keep up the good work.


I wasn't even trying, and I got it on the first try.ANd to think I never solved "Customer Service"

Damn Fine Work

Reminds me of the old "Pick a path" books, and also the old ass PC Games, Martian Memorandom and Amazon; The Dialog choice sequences in those games I mean.

Another nice one!

I like this series of games, but unlike the first two, this one was not so great.
The choices given don't cover all the posibilities of what you can do in that situation and it's annoying to be limited to a few options you KNOW are going to get you no where. Winning this one is pure luck.
Like the other games, I spent quite a while on this one, but I never finished it. I got just got kinda tired of that BITCH! :)

--Michael Bregman