Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"

*grin* pretty simple

ok people... if u did the one about the customer service part ..u will notice that i usually give tips .. big one 2. since this is a bit easy ... here is a small tip.. when she ask u to dance.. do a slow dance cause ur good at it.. an eventually u'll get it... the tape will fly out from her ........ aheems.

it's ok

Can you ever win this game? I keep getting shot!!! This hoe is a real b*tch! OK game

it was o. k.

it was ok. if u get really fustrated with this the order is 2, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 2

Hey, why not?

You gotta love any game involving getting something out from between a woman's breasts.

good for me

this was one of thiose games where there are a bunch of different paths. Those are my favorite kind.