Reviews for "The Lusty Barfly"

These are decent

So these are pretty decent you have some nice game ideas here with this one I like your idea here of this one some nice element about it you have a fun game idea here and you present some nice ideas here on this one, I still think some added interactivity would be a plus.

Some added interactivity


This is episode 5 or something. Boy had I to look up the entire internet to view/play the full series... Couldn't find the ending episode free anywhere.

Too short to be that impressive. Build on it and you have yourself something better.

To be clear I'm only rating this so high because the game is so hilariously silly logic behind the dialogue choices. Some make sense but boy does it get annoying when you're punished for doing what will later be the right answer and getting killed for doing the sensible options.

Also #OneyPlays

How is this the start of the series tho....? ALSO we want Ambition Part 2!!!!! ITS BEEN YEARS MICHAEL PLS