Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

Too Tactical

I know There are many levels 3 endings great Storyline and other Random Bull Crap but there are too much skills to do i never knew you could levitate and stick on ceiling and i got pretty angry since my key jammed and i kept on rushing to the wall and besides he ain't no Budhist he can't do things like Matrix it's like Bullet Time But Lot more OMMMNMNMNMN and other Crap But Do you beleive in Jesus I do but my mates disagree and go "Hey it's Buddha and Jesus and God, Well too bad he's a fake man." Anyways there are too much skills and other crap to do and to be honest i think it's all-right and this guy this guy, Where's his fu**ing Family and Just a Simple house. Like WTF is it like he has to walk the world the other way to get a one god damn house can't he just build metal walls around he's house than HAPPY BIRTHDAY you can god Damn sleep.


When I've started that game, after fifteenth level I gave it 5/5.I was wrooooong.This game has story, fun game mechanics, decent music, but my god controls SUCKS!It's like you're walking on ice with rocket boots on Jupiter.You won't feel it until level 30-35, but then your RAGE meter will go up to the skies...
God,even when I played IWBTG, I wasn't so frustrated.So yeah, this game has everything to be perfect but controls broke everything for me.
And that's kinda sad.


thats the main feeling i was left with. Its an oke game, but pff pretty hard. The movement isnt very precise yet you create levels where you need miniscure movements. That makes it very frustrating cause you make a lot of annoying mistakes.

I do like the game though, I DID finish it. I was a little disappointed with the ending scenes.

As far as these types of games go, this one is complex, but again to frustrating

broken controls

I enjoy the game when the controls are working.They get stuck going left or right. I'd compare it to holding the joystick on a playstation controller when you turn the playstation on.

This is not a bad game but would be really better if controls were improved. There's not much missing for it to become a good experience.