Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

Yeah, nice game!


Nice puzzle platformer.

Very nice platformer with lots of puzzles. Some things are much easier when you figure out you can just use one of your abilities to proceed.
It never became repetitive because part way through you had to select only a few skills, which greatly added to the depth of strategy for this game.
9/10 because there is only 1 not so great song, and the only ambient background effect is the birds.

Good, hard, fun!

Like my predecessors have said, the controls are a 'touch' sensitive. Forgive the pun. But the challenge of determining which skills to use without the auto-setting is an intellectual puzzle that I applaud you for using! I felt truly rewarded when I figured out which skills to use on the first try of a level. Still, you might want to tinker with the sensitivity and the exactness of positioning for jumps and such.

Progressively Evil

Sleepy Stu's Adventure is a mildly hard platform/Slight puzzle game with good graphics and fluid animation (although there is little animation to begin with)The game has a nice concept which, although interesting, it can get extremely annoying at times. The level creation was good at first but in the later 30s levels and above, the game jumped to a Super Meat Boy difficulty which was nearly impossible to beat. The game has nice calming music to enjoy while you rip your hair out in frustration. The plot was just... well fail but that doesn't matter too much in flash games. The levels get a little repetative or at the least, similar but you wont mind that while you try to find the easy way out of levels.

Overall, the game deserves a 8 for its good graphics and music but hard levels and repetitiveness.


it's fun, but on level 24, the ability to stick to ceilings doesn't seem to work, making the level unbeatable.