Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

Sweet game!

Its got some difficulty and definitely takes time to play. Some levels just et too frustrating but overall, it totally rocks! :)


Not too bad. I didn't seem to have the issues others said they had with the game luckaly. It's a nice puzzler with some realy cool ideas making for some interesting gameplay. Good Job.

I hope there are only two endings

There is no way I'll go through this again to get the eventual "neutral" ending. It was damn hard to find all the evil secret portals. I actually had one good deed in my evil ending because it was easier just to play the level the proper way.

However, I gotta give you that adding two ways of finishing the level - and actually making it challenging to finish it "cheating" gave the game a great replay value. Kudos!

An outstanding game, loved every moment.

Terrible hit detection though...it is easy to die just by BEING next to thorns.

i wonder, is there a way to switch/select faster between the skill? and sometimes i got stuck on the block but thats fine we alwys can click the "R" button.
other than that, the game greats~ :P