Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

Like Mario

Mario in Black Mode :D
Daily Feature - 09/17/2011 They where Right about that

Good Game

I like upgrade games and funny games so tis is PERFECT for me.

And by the way, he looks like a cream puff to me.


I love the artwork, music, and idea. It is frustrating sometimes, but it keeps you interested. On level 32 I'd managed to figure out what I had to do and get over the dang thing, when my brother asked me a question and I hit a spike by accident... I wasn't happy. At least this is fun and kept me entertained.


I played Holy, Evil and Neutral way...
Neutral is not something you want or need...

But playing in evil and holy way give two completly differents games.
For thoses who want to play in the good way, you can simply click auto-select skills and work levels...

But playing at evil side force you to keep the shooting skill at all times. It reduce the posibilities and raise the fun...

So my suggestion: Play the good way first and after go for the evil way. Fun assured!

Decent game, please make a part 2