Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

good start, then bad

spoiler: around lv15, most of your abilities are taken away. you're forced to open the menu and choose "skills" to be available for that level. Note that "skills" here includes "walk left" and "walk right". SEPERATELY. not to mention the jump, double jump, levitation, etc.

you introduce a few nice mechanics, and just when it seems like it's going to be a nice little game, you take it all away and sell it back to us one piece at a time. the game just turns to shit after level 15, and the sheer frustratin of being able to go right, but not being able to go back to the left until i opened a menu and activated the skill!!! just pissed me off too much.

Terrible design, sorry.

yea whatever

it was good until it started messing up i barly press the foward button (i give it a little tap) & it slides across the damn screen hitting the spikes & i gotta start all over again wtf!!


The controls are quite unresposive often leaving me to do things like instead of jumping twice to jump one time and then fall with no chance of recovery. Honestly the controls are fataly flawed and i didn't get very far because i don't plan on fighting with poor control all day.

Most of the time the controls are singly responsive, I.E. when i want to go forward and jump, stu only goes forward. it looks decent though.

god this sucks

look its an okay game til lvl 15 then its just a piece of trash,so just dont play your hopes will get to high.


i got a problem with the movement. i have shoose in every level the skills on my own, tryed different skill-combos but the movement is glithed/bugged.