Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

wonderful totaly new innovative puzzle game!

combines lightbot style thinking and acting game,easy to get started, goes deep in the later game

Nice puzzle platformer.

Very nice platformer with lots of puzzles. Some things are much easier when you figure out you can just use one of your abilities to proceed.
It never became repetitive because part way through you had to select only a few skills, which greatly added to the depth of strategy for this game.
9/10 because there is only 1 not so great song, and the only ambient background effect is the birds.

Good Game

I like upgrade games and funny games so tis is PERFECT for me.

And by the way, he looks like a cream puff to me.

Too Tactical

I know There are many levels 3 endings great Storyline and other Random Bull Crap but there are too much skills to do i never knew you could levitate and stick on ceiling and i got pretty angry since my key jammed and i kept on rushing to the wall and besides he ain't no Budhist he can't do things like Matrix it's like Bullet Time But Lot more OMMMNMNMNMN and other Crap But Do you beleive in Jesus I do but my mates disagree and go "Hey it's Buddha and Jesus and God, Well too bad he's a fake man." Anyways there are too much skills and other crap to do and to be honest i think it's all-right and this guy this guy, Where's his fu**ing Family and Just a Simple house. Like WTF is it like he has to walk the world the other way to get a one god damn house can't he just build metal walls around he's house than HAPPY BIRTHDAY you can god Damn sleep.


WHYYY!? It's such a good game but WHYYY! For the love of god these levels are driving me insane! Once I literally got so frustrated and hopeless that I "literally" had tears forming in the corner of my eye. I understand you were trying to make the game challenging but jesus christ, this is just ridiculous o_O. It needs "massive" balancing, or redesigned levels, or smaller hitboxes on the spikes (or character), or a new ability to make it not so brutally, keyboard smashing, mind-rapingly hard! Even the "easy" evil karma path started to get hard because no matter where I looked I just couldn't find the red portal.

I like the gameplay for the most part, but the difficulty was just too much for me to finish. Frankly I find it shocking when I find games with such insane difficulty like this, cause I figure the author would have played through their complete game at least one or two times and seen any major flaws like that. I'm sorry but next time, if you're testing a game you've finished for the most part, don't just say to yourself "Well, I probably just suck at the game, others will probably do a lot better" Cause that's very unlikely to be the case. Or if you don't think most people will be capable of finishing it, it'd be nice to have a disclaimer saying something like "This game gets really fucking hard, do not expect to get to the end unless you're extremely skilled"

Aside from that, it's great. I love how you choose the different abilities for each level, from basic things like walking left or right, to warping around, levitating, and shooting bullets. (although for anything but switches, the bullets were rather useless) With the game-breaking difficulty though, I have to subtract 2 whole points from the score I'd give this game otherwise. Bringing it from 9, down to 7. Sorry hun.