Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"

good start, then bad

spoiler: around lv15, most of your abilities are taken away. you're forced to open the menu and choose "skills" to be available for that level. Note that "skills" here includes "walk left" and "walk right". SEPERATELY. not to mention the jump, double jump, levitation, etc.

you introduce a few nice mechanics, and just when it seems like it's going to be a nice little game, you take it all away and sell it back to us one piece at a time. the game just turns to shit after level 15, and the sheer frustratin of being able to go right, but not being able to go back to the left until i opened a menu and activated the skill!!! just pissed me off too much.

Terrible design, sorry.


I love the artwork, music, and idea. It is frustrating sometimes, but it keeps you interested. On level 32 I'd managed to figure out what I had to do and get over the dang thing, when my brother asked me a question and I hit a spike by accident... I wasn't happy. At least this is fun and kept me entertained.

I have one question.

If he is looking for somewhere to fall asleep, why does he fall asleep if you dont move for 5 seconds?


When I've started that game, after fifteenth level I gave it 5/5.I was wrooooong.This game has story, fun game mechanics, decent music, but my god controls SUCKS!It's like you're walking on ice with rocket boots on Jupiter.You won't feel it until level 30-35, but then your RAGE meter will go up to the skies...
God,even when I played IWBTG, I wasn't so frustrated.So yeah, this game has everything to be perfect but controls broke everything for me.
And that's kinda sad.


I fell into one of the bricks. on level 5. reset and kept playing.

Fun. kept my interest because of the unusual abilities.
And fun puzzle Adventures.