Reviews for "Sleepy Stu's Adventure"


thats the main feeling i was left with. Its an oke game, but pff pretty hard. The movement isnt very precise yet you create levels where you need miniscure movements. That makes it very frustrating cause you make a lot of annoying mistakes.

I do like the game though, I DID finish it. I was a little disappointed with the ending scenes.

As far as these types of games go, this one is complex, but again to frustrating


but i got a glitch in the third level...and i'm stuck inside one of the boxes there.

Cool Cool

Its pretty awesome how you make this cliche genre a unique game i couldnt stop playing it but now im stuck on lvl 26 and i have no idea what to do with it lol but oh wel

About the sticking on the walls glitch.


I am one of the creators, I wanted to inform the people that have problems with stickicng on the walls that this is not a glitch. Sticking on the walls requires to keep the UP button pressed. In the earlier levels all the abilities were available, as a result leviation+sticking gives the impression that you don't have to press any buttons. When you have those two abilities activated together, since you levitate, pressing up to remain sticked is not required.

We are working on a walkthrough at the moment and it will be available soon.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you :)


Good, until...

I liked the game well enough for a while. It was fun and unique.
What I didn't like was when I had to give up the ability to walk in certain directions to complete the level. I understand that it makes it harder, but you should at least be able to WALK in BOTH DIRECTIONS. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have given up part of the way through.